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World War Toons is an upcoming first virtual reality online first person shooter. Set in the World War II era, World War Toons blends this period with the art & atmosphere reminiscent to Saturday morning cartoons. Combined these offer a shooter experience that the whole family can enjoy.

World War Toons is being developed by Reload Studios and is slated for a Q1 2016 release.


WWT Ally Wallpaper
World War Toons will feature multiple maps, but only Moulin Rouge & Dread Zeppelin have been revealed at this time. Scattered on these maps will be destructible vehicles, animal health pickups, and wooden crates concealing a random power-up. Currently 4 different characters have been announced, Heavy, Officer, Sniper, and Soldier. Each time an enemy dies their weapon will drop which can be picked up to then switch classes.
Tanks.00 00 02 26.Still001

Each player can transform into a tank at any point throughout the match. Only the Panther and Firefly have been shown, but there will be multiple to chose from on release.


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